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Mar 19, 2013 11:00pm EDT
recognizes the gentlelady from minnesota, ms. bob denver when i met. >> thank you, mr. chairman. also to her witness as what do we learn this millions of americans have been big guns by these policies. they've lost a leg with billions of dollars of assets. the people who suffer more than any power at the bottom end of the scale, the african-american community have suffered from these policies. we see over 90% of the mortgages having access to government involvement. this doesn't even pass the following off the chair laughing test to think this a public-private partnership. it's not. this is the federal government. it's been a failure. when are we going to release the government has been a lousy steward of people's money and also at the same time disadvantage people with well-meaning programs. we need to pay back taxpayers who funded this bailout, get them out of the gses to change her thank you good idea die. >> the gentlelady from missouri, ms. wagner for one another. >> thank you, mr. chairman. as we continue this debate, and keeping your thoughts in mind. the first is the current s
Mar 25, 2013 11:00pm EDT
bob you can create a factory and churn out new ideas son eiton. impo. theant, but nnta uni . it. >> that one final point, he created what you call the kind of ep oectation of perpetual innovation. he did nnta personally created, but the s20 tntaal of the sage was that we would then be moving into an era when inneauation wouldawaust be something we woud be living with day after day for the rest of our l theres. an entirely new conces. . >> and americans particularly embrace this. enthusiastic con pumers of the new technology but also very proud of their growing restutation as a nation of inventors. consider this to be particularly in expression of democratic @ tmayes. ere a you educate people broadl, if you create in ( system that encouredies itueauation, if you remove barriers between workers and thinkers that edison seemed to eould >> to do bntah , this was, in a sense, america's gift to a history, nna high culve re, not literature, but things. greg machines. >> thank you so much for bas with us. >> in a moment we will continue with c-span. in his book helix of american inno@ t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2